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IPHONE 5 UNLOCK RSIM7+ R-SIM7+ Unlock Card For iPhone 4s + iPhone 5 IOS 6.0.1/6.0.2

SIM7+ R-SIM7+ Unlock Card For iPhone 4s + iPhone 5 IOS5.0/5.1.1/6.0/6.0.1/6.0.2

• Description:
New product R-SIM7+ Unlocking iPhone4S and iPhone5!Support IOS 6.0 6.01 6.02!
Good news:After the RSIM team's tireless efforts, finally developed for the 4S CDMA type 3G Internet patch, the patch has the advantages of simple operation, universal, free, no need to connect computer, without charge to activate a code, R-SIM will never walk in front of industry, innovation, welcome everyone free trial! Patch address: (in the mobile phone browser to open the installation),R-SIM New Cydia
As we all know, R-SIM7+ is the only team in the world topush the Iphone5/4 s general accelerated default edition off,and we have our own invention and patentwhich is general unlock card tray. afterthe R - SIM7 listed , the lock machinemarket is rapid booming on the global scale. compare withrsim7, which have huge superiority, now we Introducing Speed Accelerated Edition SAMSIM Unlock Card :
1.Signal speed within 10-15 seconds unlocking Iphone4S and 5
2.With the Activation card that can guideyou and active any of your cell phone and Operators.the more steady,the less activate for nothing.
3.Add more default version (any verson is available,easy operate and speed Signal pace )
4.To update circuit board makes the sim card insert Relaxed.
5.TO increase accessories {sim card tray for iphone5 and micro sim adapter}
6.New circuit board and card tray,easy identification for iphone ,perfect work.
7. mostimportant,Specifically designed, directly built IC in card tray ,which really realize the unlock dream.

R-Sim7 +Unlocking and Activation Card is compatible with latest iPhone 5 and 4s firmware iOS 6.0 and iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0.2 any baseband both CDMA, GSM & CDMA supports 3G SIM cards and Networks.

There is No jailbreak requirement.. No Dongle, No IMEI Request, No Code

All you need to do is to insert R-Sim7+ card into your iPhone device, go to Settings > Phone > SIM Application and configure the options that includes selecting the network that you want to connect.

After that, a restart is required in order to complete the process.

If you are trying to use R-Sim with the CDMA based Verizon/Sprint/Japan AU models, you need to install an auxiliary patch.

This Patch will fix CDMA iOS6.0.1 bugs and also will fix 3G SIM cards problem in some countries. This patch is embedded on APN file that you can install without Jailbreak, No Dongle or hack is required.. JUST TYPE
The United States Sprint version and Japan AU version iPhone5 unlocking special tips:
As part iPhone5 the carrier code has been changed, since 2012.11.11 recently purchased RSIM6 RSIM7
The United States Sprint version and Japan AU version selection operator after the jump activation solution:
Enter the RSIM manual editing mode, "other carriers", input IMSI:Sprint (3101200 ) AU ( 4405000), Send,Accept,restart your phone, OK
Because 6.0/6.01 cannot jailbreak and setting APN, cannot connect network solutions:
If your system is IOS6.0, please first update to 6.01,iPhone using wireless WIFI connected to the network, and then in the iPhone browser to open ""or"",will show Install Profile window,click"install"and click"Done", restart iPhone,your iPhone network settings in cellular data all switch is opened, it can connect to the internet!
The following is the R-SIM 7 instruction:
1.Inserting R-SIM 7 and Nano sim together, it will enter the choosing carrier menu,
  (If not show this menu,Go to "setting"-> "Phone" ->SIM Applications, click "Select carrier")
2. After choosing the carrier, the below menu will be shown:
3.Choosing the right model and right version IOS, (Note: Mode1 is suit for all 4S, IOS5.0/5.01/5.11/6.0 , Mode 2 is for GSM and WCDM iPhone 4S, it will get the signal quickly, Mode3 is for iPhone 5), after choosing, the next menu will be shown:
4.Click the Accept, it will operate the chosen carrier before, if click the Cancel (or Go to Setting---Phone---R-SIM application), the next menu will be shown:
5. Note: 3G SIM card with iOS 6.0 and CDMA in iOS 6.0, because there is no perfect jailbreak, so to unlock the instability is also not perfect
6.Click the "Select carrier", it will return the first step, choose again. If click "Get Carrier Code", it will find out the SIM card code, then choosing the right phone version to copy, then change theSIM card you want to use, restart your iPhone, the signal will be shown right now,. If click "Edit IMSI", you can edit the 7 digitals IMSI, after that, restart iPhone is OK .
Note: if you want to use the 3G SIM card for IOS6, it is not stable and not perfect, because of the IOS6.0 cann't do jailbreak now. But don't worry, Our R-SIM team is developing the software which will support the 3G SIM card for IOS 6 perfect, and we will publish it on our official website for free to download before long, So stay tuned!
If the carrier list without your iPhone carrier,Go to "setting"->"Phone" ->SIM Applications, click "EDIT IMSI",input your carrer 7digits IMSI code(Code list please click here,click "Send"the below menu will be shown,Click "Accept" , restart iPhone, waiting...
●Now IOS6 because they can not jailbreak the following system itself is the problem temporarily can not be repaired
1,Check whether the Sim Card and RSIM poor contact or short circuit.
2,Check whether the Sim Card is damaged, replacement Sim Card try.
3,Check RSIM,Separate into the SIM card, whether normal reading Sim Card?
No signal,No service
1,Check whether the Sim Card is damaged, replacement Sim Card try.
2,If is the CDMA version, please return the original erase internal telephone number, then unlocking.
Always show searching...
1,Check whether the Sim Card is damaged, replacement Sim Card try.
2,Once again the unlocking steps.
3,The restoration of the original factory,Once again the unlocking steps
No service,But you can call
This problem is common in the CDMA version iPhone, is the system problem, must jailbreak and install patch can solve
Display activation
Not choose the correct corresponding operators?Please select again.
1,Don't put in any simcard to your iphone,Turn off your iphone,Turn on your iphone;
2,Open "Voice memos",Click recording butten,start recording;
3,Press the home button,back home now
4,Put in R-SIM and SimCard and R-SIM Tray to your iPhone
6,If show: "Activation Required",click Status bar "Recording",in to "Voice memos",press the home button,Back home
7,Click Settings>>Phone>>SIM Applications>>Entering the R-SIM program list,Select carrier
8,If this operation is invalid, please repeat this procedure
Tip:When first using the RSIM and Sim card is unlocking, will automatically eject the RSIM menu, then please fast choose the correct corresponding to the carriers.If you choose the right, will not require activation!
When display activation,Remove Sim card and RSIM,Replacement of another SIM card to try,The RSIM menu will popup.
RSIM can be used as the activation card use,RSIM and Sim Card insert another iphone5 or iphone4s, selection will be activated by iPhone operators, can then be activated you want to activate the iPhone!
R-SIM 7 is developed by the R-SIM team and SAM DEV team, which supports both iPhone 4S and 5, perfect MODE 3, when R-SIM 7 and the Nano sim card plused together, the Phone STK menu will shows the select carrier options automatic, after choosing the carrier, it will shows another menu, in this menu, you will see the 4S and 5 option, after choosing the right option, please restart iPhone, the single will be showed right now.
The R-SIM 7 adopts SIM tray which is the newest design in the world, it apply to Nano sim for iPhone 4S,. This cooperation is not only innovation in hardware, but also in program in unlock sim card area
R-SIM7 Supports All 3G SIM cards

R-SIM7 Unlock and Activation card for both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.. This pack will unlock and activate all iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. R SIM7 is compatible with iPhone 5 and 4S with 3 FREE Modified SIM Trays for iPhone 5 nano SIM Silver and Black, Iphone 4S Micro SIM Tray.
For CDMA = Verizon + Sprint + Japan AU must Install our auxiliary patch with your iTunes.. No Jailbreak Required

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